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Articles listed under Python

November 30th, 2022

Build A Python Anagram Guessing Game

Let’s build a simple anagram guessing game in Python! This is a simple project, and the final program is a short one, as you’ll see. You can play this anagram guessing game directly via the terminal, and the difficulty of the game is configurable based upon your own inputs (easy, medium or hard anagram options […]

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November 24th, 2022

Build Your Own Python Password Generator

Let’s create a simple Python password generator. The password generator will be accessible via the terminal, and you’ll be able to configure various options to customise the output (password length, whether the password should contain special characters and so on). So with that in mind, let’s begin! The full password generator script We’re keeping this […]

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August 15th, 2022

Build A Python Weather App

In this simple guide, we’ll use the OpenWeather API to fetch the 5 day weather forecast based on a user-supplied location using Python. This is a suitable Python project for beginners — the weather forecast script itself is fairly small, and we’ll go over it in considerable detail within this article. So with that said, […]

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Build A Simple Python Currency Converter

In this article, we’ll walk through the creation of a simple Python currency converter. The user will be prompted to enter their initial currency, their target currency, and the amount they’d like to convert. From here, we’ll make a web request to a currency conversion API to retrieve the required information. We’ll then present it […]

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July 10th, 2022

10 Python Project Ideas For Beginners

If you’re new to programming, Python is a great first language to pick up. It’s relatively easy to learn and quite accessible, yet still extremely powerful and viable in a commercial sense. It’s also great for the hobbyist. However, perhaps you are struggling to think of interesting app or project ideas to build with Python? […]

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